big discount 99% plastic auxiliary agent sumisorb 577 uv 770 cas 52829-07-9 with best quality

  • Polyurethanes - Greenchemicals

    Chemical Name: 2,5-thiophenediylbis (5-tert-butyl-1,3-benzoxazole); CAS NO. GC OB is highly effective in polymer substrates such as engineering plastics, e.g. polyesters, GC UV-1 is used for microcellular and integral skin foams, traditional rigid, It imparts very good light stability to a number of polyurethane systems 

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  • Textile Auxiliaries FOB Price,Products,Suppliers,Manufacturers

    60 results High performance-price ratio textile auxiliary As anti-ultraviolet finishing agent, it has good anti-aging and soft effect on cotton fabric and polyester 

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  • Anti-Hydrolysis Agent, Anti-Yellowing Agent, Antioxidant, UV Absorber

    Polymer additives for Plastic (Flame Retardants, Antioxidant, Modifier, UV Absorber). TPU, PU foam Spandex additives (Anti-Hydrolysis Agent, Anti- Yellowing 

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  • Antioxidant 3114

    25kg in plastic bag lined carton. It is stable chemicals, avoid It can work with UV adsorbent or phosphite ester to improve the stability. Storing and Packing:

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  • Lanzhou Auxiliary Agent Plant | eBiochemicals

    eBiochemicals provides information on the Lanzhou Auxiliary Agent Plant. Quality Control MSDS Files: Price and Availability CAS No.: 109-13-7, Purity: Appearances: Brand: Synonyms: tert-butyl 2-methylpropanep Quality . Return Top.

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